Playboy’s Sexy 60th Anniversary Issue


Kate Moss donned the famous bunny ears in a high-fashion editorial spread for the annual double issue. Photographed by famed photog duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the fashion icon looks amazing while rocking the bustier suit and bunny ears — and in some shots she’s not wearing anything at all!  Kate brought an air of style to the magazine for the anniversary celebration. Even in her nude shots, she looks incredibly glamorous and picturesque. She calls back memories of the original Playboy bunny Marilyn Monroe, with her sexy cat-eyes and ability to look oh-so-fabulous, even without any clothing on.

Kate looks great in just about any type of photo shoot, and she continues to prove her significance in the modeling world by covering Playboy magazine. Typically known for casting busty, tiny-waisted models and celebrities, it’s refreshing to see the magazine use Kate and her body on the cover — even though she is sometimes critiqued as “tomboyish.” While they might have used some garments to enhance Kate’s figure, her photos are meant to be more timeless and stylish than any typical spread for the publication; it’s for their 60th anniversary, after all! She looks so sultry in a black and white shot that shows the star topless, while sporting minimal makeup save for eyeliner — and her famous cheekbones look amazing in the photos.

Rachel Welch as The Fair One

 Voted by Playboy magazine as the “Most Desired Woman” of the ’70s, Raquel Welch (as Loana, The Fair One) is photographed by Terry O’Neill for a publicity still for the film One Million Years BC‘ (Don Chaffey, 1966). “This is the way it was”


The Fine Art of the Red Border

At many points in its almost 91-year history, TIME has offered up its iconic red border as a canvas, and asked renowned artists to illustrate the top stories of the day. From the striking Roy Lichtenstein pop art that accompanied a June 21, 1968 cover story on “The Gun in America” (see below) to Marc Chagall’s self-portrait that began our July 30, 1965 issue, readers have become accustomed to seeing cover images that have been painted, sculpted, collaged and transformed by some of the world’s most visionary talents.


December 14, 1936: Surrealist Salvador Dali

Artist: Man Ray


April 12, 1937: Virginia Woolf

Artist: Man Ray


May 7, 1945: Adolf Hitler

Artist: Boris Artzybasheff


April 6, 1962: Sophia Loren

Artist: René Bouché


January 10, 1964: R. Buckminster Fuller

Artist: Boris Artzybasheff


January 29, 1965, Today’s Teenagers

Artist: Andy Warhol


March 5, 1965: Jeanne Moreau

Artist: Rufino Tamayo


March 19, 1965: Martin Luther King

Artist: Ben Shahn


April 16, 1965: Rudolf Nureyev

Artist: Sidney Nolan


July 30, 1965: Marc Chagall

Artist: Marc Chagall


March 3, 1967: Playboy’s Hugh Hefner

Artist: Marisol


September 22, 1967: The Beatles

Artist: Gerald Scarfe


December 8, 1967: Bonnie and Clyde

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg


May 24, 1968:  Robert F. Kennedy

Artist: Roy Lichtenstein


June 21, 1968:  The Gun in America

Artist: Roy Lichtenstein


July 11, 1969: The Sex Explosion

Artist: Dennis Wheeler


November 28, 1969: Raquel Welch

Artist: Frank Gallo


February 16, 1970: Jane, Henry and Peter: The Flying Fondas

Artist: Andy Warhol


November 29, 1976: Rauschenberg by Rauschenberg

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg


March 19, 1984: Michael Jackson

Artist: Andy Warhol


>March 30, 1987: America’s Agenda

Artist: Robert Rauschenberg


March 16, 1992: Jay Leno

Artist: Al Hirschfeld


Source: TIME Turns 90: The Fine Art of the Red Border, from Warhol to Lichtenstein

By: Amy Lombard