Love Will Come Through

Third single released from Indie band Travis’ fourth studio album, 12 Memories.


Fran Healy described the song as “a song about love, not in the classic context of that sort of Hollywood love, you know the one that you see in the pictures “I love you, I love you too”, it’s not like that. It’s love that you have with your mum and your dad and your friends and stuff, love that equals hope in the face of everything, the love that conquers all, and its dedicated to that love.”
Two videos were made for the song. The official video was directed by Arni & Kinski, and was filmed in the Warsaw district of Praga. It features the band performing the song in a social club to a group of family and friends. The alternate version, referred to as the “Haar Schnitt” video, was directed by Anton Corbijn, and features footage of Fran Healy and other members of the band during their home life.