Steven Meisel: Rock The House

Carolyn Murphy: Courtney Love. Jake Schroeder: Kurt Cobain. Dylan Schroeder Murphy: Frances Bean Cobain


Fanni Bostrom: John Lennon. Audrey Marnay: Ringo Starr. Tasha Tilberg: Paul McCartney and Trish Goff: George Harrison


Ben Northover: John Lennon. Devon Aoki: Yoko Ono


Omahyra: Prince


Karolina Kurkova: Marilyn Manson


Cyrille Victor: Jimi Hendrix. Matt Duffie: Jim Morrison. Karen Elson: Janis Joplin


Crew of models: The Rolling Stones


Hannelore Knuts: David Bowie. Diana Meszaros: Angela Bowie


Sophie Dahl: Debbie Harry

Seasons and Rhythms of Love

Peter Orlovsky and Allen Ginsberg at Dorfman’s house


“Relationships must have seasons and rhythms; constancy isn’t necessarily the key. By taking pictures in my house, I get a sense of how things change every day. How my relationships change, the rhythms, who comes in, who hasn’t come, who’s busy, how busy I am, what I feel like tacking on the wall, what I feel like throwing away. How I feel with that chair in the corner, the trunk in the middle room. I have always had the feeling that everything is going to last forever; nothing is ever going to change. We’ll never get any older and we’re always going to be friends. I can take the picture today or tomorrow or in a week. It will be there.”

Elsa Dorfman


Elsa and her husband, Harvey



Couples series

What Lies Beneath



Photos: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott.

Client: Love magazine, issue #6. Fall/Winter 2011

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Katie Grand

Set Designer: Gerard Santos

Make-up Artist: Lucia Pieroni

Models: Maria Carla Boscono, Saskia de Braw, Kristen McMenamy, Anais Pouliot, Guinevere Seenus, Paul Boche, Xiao Wen Ju, Jed Texas and Angus Whitehead.