Passing on the baton

Three years ago (9 January 2013) I started this blog encouraged by my then boyfriend. He helped me with the English grammar corrections and in the meanwhile I was getting some confidence posting in a foreign language (to me) that I love almost since I was a toddler.

As you may have noticed I had stopped posting. There’s a lot of personal reasons. One of them is that I can’t help remembering I used to think The Genealogy of Style is Paul’s and mine child. And it will always be. But this is not a child anymore. It’s time for me to let it go now that has grown up. It’s a circle of life. Not even in my wildest dreams I thought this blog could get such nice feedback and support from almost 1.000 followers (I rather call you FOLKS, FAMILY). Words can’t express my huge gratefulness to you all. I wish I could carry on.

I really regret inform you that I really can’t continue posting this anymore. I am looking for someone who wants to inherit this blog. Someone who wants to get married to this project, someone who really would love to keep it alive. If you are that person, or you know someone who would like to become the editor of this blog, please send a private message to the Facebook page telling the why do you want to receive the baton. I am accepting suggestions about how that person should be picked. In the meanwhile, if someone wants to be chosen as a contributor, please let me know (again by inbox).

Thanks again for your support.



7 thoughts on “Passing on the baton

  1. Thanks for your constant supportt, for your kind words… for everything. I always have thought that First Night Designs, My Last Post and other blogs that I like and The Genealogy of Style are somehow siblings. Good wishes for you too. I will miss you. Xx

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  2. uncanny that I found you on the day that you are quitting. And the way I found you was because of a post you did about David Bowie on the day that he died. Many, many sad endings. I wish you the best.

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  3. Hi Eva! I posted moved by serendipity, intuitions, coincidental facts… maybe it’s not so uncanny the way you found this blog. I invite you to stay. This is not an ending. Not for the blog. I think I found someone who will move forward this Genealogy of Style. Thank you so much for your good wishes. Same to you. XOXOX


  4. Thank you for entertaining and enlightening me for so many months. I have enjoyed your blog a great deal, but it is must be exhausting. I hope the new editor will bring new insights and I hope you have fun with your next venture. Best wishes and gratitude.

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    • You’re welcome Kate!. It has been a real pleasure. It is not because it’s exhausting. In fact, I totally enjoyed posting and the every positive feedback that I will always remember and appreciate. That kept me carrying on all the time I tried to give up in the past. I just didn’t wanted to delete the blog and through some conversations with Andrei I had seen he really wants to bring new insights and keeping up this Genealogy of Style. In fact, I will be accompanying him for a while. Best wishes and thank you so much to you as well.


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