Mr. Apple

Mr. Apple, Norman Rockwell, 1970


Norman Rockwell’s interpretative painting, measuring 13″ x 17.5”, is a playful rendering of René Magritte‘s famous The Son of Man using a red apple rather than a green one – and with the apple replacing the man’s head rather than just obscuring it as Magritte had painted. Rockwell painted Mr. Apple in June of 1970 at his home in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


Typed letter signed “Norman,” dated 11 June 1970 on his personal stationery, in part:


“… I must tell you that I got the two apples, and I haven’t eaten them, but I have put them in the refrigerator so they will keep bright and shiny…

It will be fun doing such a unique painting …”


Autograph letter signed on his personal stationery:


“Dear Mr. Blum – Here it is! I really enjoyed painting Mr. Apple. I sure hope you like it. The painting may still be wet when you get it. But do not varnish it for a couple of months. If you use a fine mastic varnish it will preserve it forever. Cordially, Norman Rockwell.”


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