Uncertainty Permits Everything

Who Am I, Duane Michals, 1970


Dr. Heisenberg’s Magic Mirror of Uncertainty, Duane Michals, 1998


“Odette can never be sure with any certainty which reflection of herself she will see in the mirror”. So the photographer Duane Michals tries to catch at least six images of her. A series of six pictures in which the model looks at herself in a huge mirror, the so called Dr. Heisenberg’s magic mirror. Michals, whose technique is to shoot series of photo, is used to handwrote text near his photographs, thereby giving information in order to reinforce the message and the creative idea that the image itself could not convey. And in this way he tells a story. The Odette’s story who tries to recognize herself in the mirror, but seeing new and unknown sides about her face, she discovers new dimensions about her. And even thought the uncertain may frighten, more over it unveils new sides about things. To be open to the unknown may offer wonders. As the author writes in the last image: “Uncertainty permits anything and everything”.


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