Gregor Samsa as Illustrated by an Spanish Painter

A Spanish version of Kafka’s The Metamorphosis, illustrations (engravings) by José Hernández. Epilogue by Vladimir Nabokov. Galaxia Gutenberg (Barcelona, 1999)

The painter José Hernández was born in Tangiers in January 1944.

He alternates his studies between the Spanish Institute and the French School in Tangiers. He becomes interested in mathematics and competitive sport. He enjoys long distance running and draws relentlessly. After a fruitful period in which he draws and paints from life, he becomes interested in experimenting with different painting materials, which leads him to a wider knowledge of a number of different oil and watercolor techniques.

He exhibits his first works at the Librairie des Colonnes in Tangiers in 1962, and receives support from friends, artists and writers who encourage him to explore new fields in the arts.

In 1964 he settles in Madrid. There he presents his first solo exhibition in 1966 at Galería Edurne. Since then numerous exhibitions both within and outside of Spain have taken place.

In 2006 he was awarded the National Prize for Graphic Arts.

He died in November 2013.


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