Black Butterflies Hiding From the Sun

“The break of dawn kills all the beauty
The dead of night is drifting away
Should I stay and welcome the day
Or should I follow the one and hide from the sun…”


Hide from the Sun is the sixth studio album by the Finnish rock band The Rasmus. The name “Hide from the Sun” is a quotation from the song Dead Promises. Guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi painted the album cover.



The music video to Sail Away was shot on a beach in Riga, Latvia on 19th and 20 September 2005. It was directed by the young Berlin team Mathias Vielsäcker and Christoph Mangler. Sail Away it’s the second single from the album Hide from the Sun. The song was written by the lead singer Lauri Ylönen.

In the video for Sail Away some black butterflies fly away to the sea after singer Lauri is shown walking slowly down a cold-looking beach, singing. He sees a man coming up onto the shore carrying an empty bird-cage and he carries on walking. He sees that man again, digging a grave and a woman standing near him. The woman jerks her head in Lauri’s direction to him. Lauri also sees more odd happenings, such as two children dancing around a wood sculpture (possibly a pyre) in gas masks. The pyre has dolls in coffins hung on it. Lauri enters a shack, lucky enough to walk in just in time as a sand-storm occurs and seeps into the shack. Aki (drummer) and Eero (bassist) both turn into sand-figures. At the end of the video, Aki’s head and Eero’s arms both fall off.

Wings Reverberating Like an Echo

The album cover is by the eminent contemporary artist Salvador Dalí.
He describes his conception in these words:
“The first effect is that of anguish, of space, and of solitude.
Secondly, the fragility of the wings of a butterfly, projecting long shadows of late afternoon, reverberates in the landscape like an echo.
The feminine element, distant and isolated, forms a perfect triangle with the musical instrument and its other echo, the shell.”


Jackie Gleason’s eight album, Lonesome Echo (1955)