Kaleidoscopic Entomology

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the skull scarf, Alexander McQueen presented an exclusive collaboration with Damien Hirst. The patterns have been adapted from Hirst’s Entomology series, a body of work that he began in 2009. The large scale paintings were composed from the intricate placement of butterflies, spiders and various insect species in the formation of kaleidoscopic, geometric shapes. The scarves appropriate the motifs in the organizational layout of McQueen signature skull image, another unmistakable emblem of his brand. The partnership seamlessly plays on the shared aesthetic vision of the artist and designer, in which symmetry and strong references to natural history and the environment are significant parts of their creative vision. Butterflies, bugs, spiders and other insects have been worked into each scarf design to form kaleidoscopic geometric shapes, laid out to create the signature McQueen skull motif. The collection offered 30 unique designs.


Jacob’s Ladder Skull 




Judecca Circular 


Judecca Circular


The Shock of  the New


Persephone Butterfly


The Forgiveness Skull Butterfly Grid 


Butterfly Skull


Butterfly Circular 


God Fearing Circular


God Fearing Circular 


Full God Fearing Circular


Heaven Butterfly Grid


Green Mix Bug Skull






Do You Know What I like About You Butterfly


Panegyric Skull 


Typhon Skull


Butterfly Kaleidoscope 


Psalm 113 Circular




Perfect Moment Skull


Blue Circular


Tityus Skull


Tityus Big Skull


Full Tityus Big Skull 


Magisterium Skull