Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet

Sketch for a poster of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, by Alphons Marie Mucha, 1899


Definitive version of the poster illustrated by Mucha, 1899


Mortimer, Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet. New York World, June 18, 1899


Bernhardt on stage playing the role of the tragic Prince of Denmark. The costume she did wear was possibly designed by Mucha himself

7 thoughts on “Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet

  1. Dearest Gene
    What divine images of the divine Sarah!
    How few women have played the Prince…. what a shame. But of course there are Frances de la Tour and Fiona Shaw, both very particular, and beautiful women. One wonders if there might be photographs of them lurking somewhere….
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


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