A Bespoke Suit for Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen in his bedroom, 1962


McQueen in Battaglia men’s store on Fifth Avenue, New York City


Fitting a bespoke suit for Love With the Proper Stranger (Robert Mulligan, 1963)


Taking a break and joking in a suite at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel, New York. “During the evening, while we were enjoying the comforts of the hotel, Steve told me that a few years before, he lived about six blocks from it, in an apartment with no hot water that he shared with other three guys,” said Claxton.

Steve McQueen: Photographs
William Claxton


John Dominis’ snapshot for an unpublished LIFE Magazine archive. Dominis camera followed McQueen over the span of several days as he he was buying clothes in preparation for a movie premier. circa, 1962

4 thoughts on “A Bespoke Suit for Steve McQueen

  1. Movie stars were real movie stars back then. Not like the poseurs of today. Actors acted and didn’t rely so much on digital repair. And they had style that no technology can make up for. An icon meant something, and they had a quiet dignity about them. The best were the best, and made the term class fit.


  2. One wonders how conscious of his own good looks Mr McQueen was – at moments here he seems childlike and unaware of his own physicality – at others, such as when surveying himself in the mirror cigarette hanging from a half smile he seems all to in tune with his own magnetism.
    Either way – as has been remarked, these shots have a remarkable unforced and unpsosed air so unfamiliar to our photoshop, bleached teeth and PR’ed world.
    Sheer joy.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


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