GRRR..owling Stone






In November 2012, “GRRR!” the album commemorating The Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary was released. Each track, be it evergreen hit or a new song (“Doom and Gloom“; “One More Shot“), proves the fact that The Stones are living legends, refusing to fade away.

In the deepest jungle and darkest forests, the wildest animals defend territories using everything they can: baring their teeth, biting, ripping at enemies with their claws… whatever! The Stones know this well –they are still wild men- and like wild men, they speak their poetry in growls.

Walton Ford illustrated the GRRRade A cover: depicting a coquettish gorilla wearing the famous lip-and-tongue logo by John Pasche. The sleeve artwork is minimalistic yet gripping, striking, with white background and hand-made-like fonts.

At the bottom there are more Walton Ford drawings’ with a similar subject, made in 2011: